Now see here!My name is Chris Eastwood, I am a independent producer of various types of content from Vancouver, BC Canada. The types of content I produce varies depending on my mood and includes:

Making Short Films - Producing, Directing, Writing, Editing

Writing Music - Mostly Techno / Trance but lately been working on Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs, Dubstep and... more Trance, but this time I've learned how to sidechain!

Writing Code - Started out with Python and wxWidgets to build a GUI app to queue, pause and resume large file copies (1TB+). Since then, I've moved on to php because I've been working at a Drupal Development house for the last year (Fuse Interactive). I've made a few Drupal modules as well (Time Tracker, Background Images, Simple Dialog).

Writing Words - I used to have a 'news letter' that I obnoxiously sent out to all my friends in high school. I think it was called the book of Chris. I guess it wasn't that much different than a blog...

Well I guess that about sums it up... I always hate writing these bios because everything you write will be used to somehow judge who you are. Even that last sentence could be read to say that I'm a neurotic narcissist obsessed with what people think of me... or maybe THAT sentence is the one that says that... either way, If for some reason you would like to contact me, I can be emailed at: chris[at]

Thanks for visiting!