I skipped halloween this year. No costume, no party, nothing (although I did see Nero on Thursday night and about 80% of people were in costume... maybe that counts?). So, naturally, on Nov 1st I went creeping on Facebook to see what ghoulish, funny or (especially) sexy costumes my peers were sporting this year. Much to my dismay my news feed was not filled with the drunken, half-naked debauchery I was hoping for. Quite the opposite, actually: Pumpkins, Dogs in costume, Kids and *sigh* BABIES. FML.

Every year I try and figure out which male costume will be most used. If Tim Burton makes a movie and Johnny Depp is in it, it will be whatever character he plays... Actually... that's pretty much true for any Johnny Depp movie. Remember when Pirates of the Carribean came out and EVERYONE went as Jack Sparrow for Halloween that year? My favorite part was how outside every club, each dude was explaining to some slutty-whatever how their costume was better than all the other Jack Sparrows. Anyway, this year the winner was those two turds from LMFAO. I don't know why but I did not see that one coming.

Big props to Adam for his "The 1%" costume this year. He wins Halloween for sure. I didn't ask if I could use the picture, but I am anyway:

Adam as top 1%

Also, the only thing I hate more than the fact that Christmas Decorations went up on Nov 1st is how much people are talking about it.

But seriously... they can't roll out the Christmas decorations any earlier... can they?

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