I've decided to start using this blog as a travel log. I usually hate when people do that to their blogs, but nobody reads these anyway so I don't think I'll be upsetting anyone.

Anyway, this is just a short one because there's free internet in the HK airport and our flight was 45 minutes early (believe it or not) so we have some downtime. I'm just gonna jot down some thoughts I've had since we left.

Don't eat asparagus before getting on a plane. It's not very nice to the person who has to use the washroom after you.

Hong Kong is surrounded by mountains. It feels very Vancouverish.

The Hong Kong airport has about the same white/asian people ratio as YVR.

I watched "Super 8" on the plane. I liked it... for some reason. Something was telling me it was stupid, but I enjoyed it anyway.

I had a sleeping pill on the plane. It was the best idea ever. I slept for like 8 hours.

Just before we left I bought one of those neck pillow things (not the inflatable ones, the actual pillowy ones). It was awesome and I don't regret buying it one bit.

Cathay pacific is pretty sweet.

Okay, I'm done now.

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Making you feel important through my comments!

Some thoughts on your thoughts:

Asparagus pee - I finally had one, i thought I was immune, but with an excessive amount of asparagus, I guess everyone can do it! And don't worry about the next guy to use the toilet, he was probably pretty impressed.

Post some photos of these Hong Kong mountains, I'm going to need to see for myself.

Neck pillows on men are the female equivalent of boner-shrinking hats and slippers on women.

Miss you guys!

Yay! A Comment!

Congratulations on your asparagus related endeavours.

I tried posting a Hong Kong photo but the internet connection in the airport wasn't really allowing uploads... I'll see what I can do.

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