Well it's Christmas. Actually it's boxing day, but it's Christmas in Vancouver. We're currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It's awesome here. The atmosphere is great, the food is awesome, and the people are really nice. I like it.

Before this we were in Koh Tao, Thailand. Koh Tao is best known for it's scuba diving. On the main beach there's literally a million scuba schools. We partook in the PADI Open Water Dive Course. It's a three and a half day program that certifies you to dive to 18 meters. It was really fun. We had two awesome instructors and a great group (4 swedes and a brit). After our last dive we partied it up with the instructors. Laura (that was the instructor's name) got super hammered because she's off work now for two weeks. It was funny though because she was SO drunk and I walked over and said "Shots!" and she gave me the thumbs up. And she actually did the shot too. Australians. Our other instructor was this English guy, Danny. He had whatever type of accent they have in Essex and said things like "Yeah, mate, I'm a pro-fessional drinker" and "As the night gets later, the beats get dirtier, mate."

Partyin' with the Dive team

Laura the Dive instructor has had enough

On our last night in Koh Tao we went out to this bean bag beach lounge with a couple of the Swedes (Magnus and Jens) that were in our dive class. They're sweet. Like all respectable swedes they listened to Metal. We talked about it for a while. Laura was probably bored but how often do you get to talk to Swedish people about Metal? Some memorable quotes from them were:

Jens: "Who has analogue watches these days, anyway?"

Me: "Classy people."

Jens: "Hipster People."


"You're too mainstream to be hipsters; You have jobs."


While looking at my driver's license picture "...You don't even look like a date rapist, you look like a FORCE rapist."

Some interesting tech facts about Sweden:

Their phone plans are really cheap. It sounds like they get like 3000 minutes, 5000 texts and a gig of data for about $13 canadian

Their basic internet speeds are very fast. It sounds like all of stockholm is on fiber optic channel and 120 Mbps download speeds are pretty standard. They pay about the same for that as we do for the 7.5 Mbps in the basic bundled cable/internet Shaw plans back home.

Anyway, after an exremely bumpy boat ride (they were handing out barf bags before the boat left), a bus ride, "one night in Bangkok", another bus ride, and a taxi we made it to Siem Reap.

Pub Street in Siem Reap

A street in Siem Reap

Everywhere you go in Siem Reap, someone is trying to sell you something. Usually it's either a massage, a Tuk Tuk ride (they say "Tuk Tuk, please" as though you'd be doing them a huge favour to take a ride), or a kid trying to sell you post cards or random trinkets. The kids will follow you for a pretty long time saying "Post card, only one dollar. One Dollar... Post card, sir?". I figure it's good practice for when I have to say "no" to my kids for wanting stuff. I'll say things like "I wouldn't even buy a postcard for a dollar from a poor kid in Cambodia. What makes you think I'll buy you that video game?".

On Christmas eve we went to a Christmas party at the popular "Anchor What?" bar. It was fun. We made friends with some english people and an Indian guy and danced like douches the whole night to pop/techno/house anthems. I had three shots of absinthe, but didn't get sloppy. Hooray. Outside the bar at the end of the night (like 2:30am) two little girls were selling stuff. They couldn't have been older than 10, but they were hustlin' for cash. Talking up the foreigners, dancing to the music. They had good moves too. They probably raked it in. I didn't give them anything.

Anchor What?

Anchor Whaaaat?

Beer Santa

Also, one of the English Girls reminded us of our friend Lindsey. She made a total Lindsey face at something we did. We called her British Lindsey.

British Lindsey

On Christmas we got massages. It's weird because it doesn't feel like Christmas. There's the odd Christmas tree, but otherwise it just feels like summer. I guess that's to be expected. Oh well, I'm on vacation. Who needs Christmas?

We're doing a Khmer cooking class today. I hope it's good.

I guess that's it.

Oh yeah, we went to Angkor Wat too. It's pretty cool, I guess. If you're into that kinda stuff.

Temples are SO Lame




Okay fine, here are some real pictures

Same old, Same old

More Temple Action

Shrinking Doorway

Blah Blah Temples

More temple stuff

On the Tuk Tuk

Cool Tree

Yet another temple

The faces of the temples

Dramtic Tree

Another Dramatic Tree

Black and White images are neat

Black and White images are neat

Another black and White Image



106 Responses to Christmas in Cambodia

Me and my mom will be in

Me and my mom will be in Camodia for Christmas, has anybody got any guidance on where to sit tight? we might want an inn/spending plan lodging with a hikers vibe. We are think either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap...any guidance increased in value. write my term paper for me

Much appreciated!

Events like Christmas are

Events like Christmas are being celebrated all over the world in Christians. People share their love and gifts to each other on this day every year. Our website also offer special discounts offers for our clients on this day as a gift.

Very interesting blog

Very good blog, looking forward to sharing more.

Canadian Lindsey

Noooooo March is too far away!!

British Lindsey... It's like looking into a mirror!!

LOVE the pictures, they're pretty beautiful

And I know what you mean about Christmas in the summer - just got back from Mexico and they still had all their decorations and trees out... It just feels icky and not right, I don't like it...

nice post

hey chris,

great read and excellent grammar as usual. photos are top notch as well. thanks for keeping us abreast (i says pardon??) of your travels. I really like your hair in that photo of you and Laura in the Tuk Tuk.

So...are you getting bored yet? when are you coming home so I know when to order you your new computer?


My camera has these "Art Filters" that make pictures look good. I like it. We discovered the "Grainy Film" filter and realized it made the Temples look even older.

Laura proof reads and fixes the grammar of my posts before they go out. She also filters out the numerous racial slurs as well.

We've been talking about coming back the week of March 5-9. Once we actually change the flight, though, I'll let you know for sure!

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