Bukit Lewang is a village on a river in the Jungle in Sumatra. It's super cool and probably the neatest place I've been to so far. It reminds me a bit of camping. There's no hotels or big buildings, just little cabins and bungalows built on the side of the river amongst the jungle foliage. The guys that build them are real artisans, too. Whether it's a driftwood spiral staircase, fine etchings in the concrete foundations or elaborate tile work, each guest house has a little personal touch that makes you feel at home.





It started as any other day in transit. Wake up early, walk with our bags for 20 minutes or so and wait for the car to arrive, sweating far too much all the while. My bag (or rather Mike's bag) reeked with sweat from the 8 hour jungle trek two days prior (sorry, Mike). It's okay though, as it turned out, everyone else on the shuttle stunk as well. We were headed for Lake Toba from Bukit Lewang, in Indonesia. It's a fairly standard trip and most people we had met in Bukit Lewang were planning on doing it as well.


A Ringgit's worth of Thoughts

In penang, some of the public transit busses have free wifi.

Two nights in a row, while we were on the bus into town for dinner, the bus stopped at a regular gas station to fill up. Both times the bus was full of people.

Bums in Asia really put Vancouver bums to shame. These guys definitely weren't doing any one thumb push ups or climbing trees for money.





Life's alright right now. I'm writing this post sitting on a deck chair in front of the beach at a resort in Kuantan (which is on the east coast of Malaysia). It's 12:15pm and I have nothing to do.

Deep Thoughts (in no particular order):

We've only been here 6 days, but it feels longer.

I've met so many new family members and they've all been super awesome, amazing and hospitable. Way to go Family!


I've decided to start using this blog as a travel log. I usually hate when people do that to their blogs, but nobody reads these anyway so I don't think I'll be upsetting anyone.

Anyway, this is just a short one because there's free internet in the HK airport and our flight was 45 minutes early (believe it or not) so we have some downtime. I'm just gonna jot down some thoughts I've had since we left.

Don't eat asparagus before getting on a plane. It's not very nice to the person who has to use the washroom after you.


I skipped halloween this year. No costume, no party, nothing (although I did see Nero on Thursday night and about 80% of people were in costume... maybe that counts?). So, naturally, on Nov 1st I went creeping on Facebook to see what ghoulish, funny or (especially) sexy costumes my peers were sporting this year. Much to my dismay my news feed was not filled with the drunken, half-naked debauchery I was hoping for. Quite the opposite, actually: Pumpkins, Dogs in costume, Kids and *sigh* BABIES. FML.


I've always liked Moe from the Simpsons. He's the epitome of a pathetic sleaze-ball, yet somehow there's a sad aspect to him. Sad as in boo-hoo, not sad as in haw haw. A few days ago I was discussing favorite Moe-ments (This is the last time I use that pun, I promise) with a friend and realized there are quite a few good ones. Here are some of my favorites:


I had this Idea to create a Rap Parody about popped collars and become famous on youtube. The song would have a bombastic beat and a catchy melody to back up lyrics something along the lines of:

Pop-popped collars, collars; e'rybody holla holla; If you wanna be a balla', all you gotta do is just pop yo' collar...

Then someone informed me that the 'popped collar thing' has been done. I went online and sure enough, there it was. Although I was surprised to only find one full-on parody... There are a surprisingly large number of somewhat serious songs about popped collars... Here are some of the highlights of that search:


Sometimes I find it funny to go back and reflect on thoughts I had a long time ago and revisit how I feel about the subject. I wrote the post below just after Mark Zuckerberg turned down 1 billion dollars from Yahoo. It was in response to the number of people using Facebook as their only method of organizing and inviting people to any type of event. It's funny because little has changed. It's especially funny because some people I know who have a book group recently were one person short because one of their members doesn't have Facebook! No one even noticed until the meeting!


Well I guess I knew I would have a blog-type site eventually. I always kind of hated the idea of a blog. Seemed like too much pee in the swimming pool, you know? Either way that hatred was always fighting with my need to express my opinion in some sort of open forum (god forbid I should use an internet forum... I hate those the MOST). Blogging was the natural choice so here I am... 10 years late... Oh well. I've cleverly masked this site as a blog / personal portfolio site (see the 'videos' or 'music' section)