I've always been into music and through the years I've created some music. Most of it was Trance and then there was a weird Orchestral techno phase... In any case here it is for your enjoyment or slander!


Highway is a collection of songs created by Dr. Claw in 2003 - 2004 and is the most recent album release by the artist. This collection of music was a creative outlet for Dr. Claw before attending film school and beginning a Career in the film industry. The album also includes a Bonus Track named "Infiltrating the Facility" which was a first attempt at a more rock-influenced electronica song.


Dr. Claw's third album release. This was the first full length album created by Dr. Claw using the Propellerheads software, "Reason". Released in 2002, this album was enirely produced from the dark quarters of his Dorm room at Ryerson University (also known as the palace of eternal night.) With the windows blacked out with tin foil and cardboard, a very pale Dr. Claw would spend endless house tweaking each track. Still. however, through all that time on a computer, he never quite learned how to use a compressor...