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Bukit Lewang is a village on a river in the Jungle in Sumatra. It's super cool and probably the neatest place I've been to so far. It reminds me a bit of camping. There's no hotels or big buildings, just little cabins and bungalows built on the side of the river amongst the jungle foliage. The guys that build them are real artisans, too. Whether it's a driftwood spiral staircase, fine etchings in the concrete foundations or elaborate tile work, each guest house has a little personal touch that makes you feel at home.





It started as any other day in transit. Wake up early, walk with our bags for 20 minutes or so and wait for the car to arrive, sweating far too much all the while. My bag (or rather Mike's bag) reeked with sweat from the 8 hour jungle trek two days prior (sorry, Mike). It's okay though, as it turned out, everyone else on the shuttle stunk as well. We were headed for Lake Toba from Bukit Lewang, in Indonesia. It's a fairly standard trip and most people we had met in Bukit Lewang were planning on doing it as well.