'laos' Posts


Getting to the caves is an adventure itself. You have to take a public bus to this junction where Highway 8 meets Highway 13, then jump on a Tuk Tuk to a town called Ban Na Hin, stay a night there, then make your way to the caves the next morning. The public bus was nicer than the VIP bus in Vang Vieng, however, the public bus will pick anyone up, along with anything they have that will fit in or on top of the bus. When we got on the bus there was three mattresses, six motorcycles, a couple lamps, a bedside table, and some boxes and bags on the roof.


Laos is sooooo chill. And yet, I didn't hear Bob Marley the whole time we were there (thankfully). Everyone here moves real slow. They call it "Lao Time". The guy that stamped our receipts for the bus to Vang Vieng literally looked like he was moving in slow motion. Also there's people napping everywhere. I assume it's from the sticky rice. Sticky rice made me really sleepy. I had it once with breakfast and I wasn't right the whole day.